• Cybercrime: The Devil in The Dark - 21/9

    Tags: Events

      Security expert Andy Malone (whose name sounds like a chicago gangster from the fifties) drops by Stockholm on monday the 21th (september). Andy will hold a session about … more

  • INotifyPropertyChanged - A remedy for the plague

    Tags: WPF

    I stumble over this nice little extension class the other day while visiting Google.Instead of passing around a hard coded string for NotifyPropertyChanged like this: private string firstName; … more

  • ALTdotNET unconference - 12/9

    Tags: Events, ALT.NET

      It's finally time for a new unconference in stockholm. This time it's with the fine peoples over at Sogeti. Lightningtalks, Open space and lots of interesting progressive discussions. Be … more

  • Progressive .NET Days in Stockholm

    Tags: Events

    I had the fortunate opportunity to attend an unconference led by Scott Bellware a few months ago. Scott is such an inspiring character and all his speeches about Progressive development … more

  • TDD in a WPF world - Testing the ViewModel

    Tags: TDD, WPF

    Here is a sketch of the basic principles I follow to make my ViewModels more testable:

    I follow the following steps when designing the ViewModel above:

    Create a prototype of the … more

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